Electronic turnkey projects


Providing a Range of PCB Design Services

RV Business solutions group provides a wide-array of services centered around the design of electronics-based products. Areas of competence include circuit-board design, PCB layout, digital system design, microprocessor- and microcontroller-based systems, embedded software/firmware, and programmable logic development with FPGAs and CPLDs. As all these skillsets are in-house, it is possible to provide electronic assemblies from design to controlling firmware in a concurrent, rapid-prototyping fashion. Design cycles can often be achieved in weeks instead of months. Turnkey can provide complete design-cycle product solutions as well and provide individual components such as hardware only, FPGA development or firmware development. Turnkey has in-house assembly capabilities as well as established relationships with outside assembly services and can effectively manage cost and schedule for each project.

Design Services

Includes of services ranging to preproduction processing, helping our customers with lesser turn-around time owing to significant and remarkable experience of our engineers.

CAM Services

Our team at TurnKey has decades of cumulative experience in offering best in class CAM services and exposure to global manufacturing.

Quoting Services

It is a critical process that plays an important role in enabling companies to achieve their strategic priorities.

PCB DFM/DFA Services

We perform DFM/DFA based on manufacturing and also provide procurement and/or mounting services as required.